Our house wiring cables are a trusted name today for reliable electrical wiring. These cables are commonly used in homes, offices, multistoried buildings, hospitals, hotels, schools, industries etc. and enjoys enviable reputation for its quality and reliability.


PVC Insulated Single Core House wires are strictly manufactured as per IS 694 : 1990.


Our House wiring cables are manufactured making use of bright annealed electrolytic grade copper, which is drawn, annealed on-line and bunched on automatic machines to ensure flexibility and uniform resistance with conductivity of more than 102% to save the energy consumption and for smooth flow of electricity.

The bunched conductors are insulated with special grade in-house developed PVC (FR, FRLS, HRFR) which has good dielectric and physical properties with high insulation resistance value that protects against any electrical fault.

Range at Glance

Fire Retardant (FR) : Our normal wires are fire retardant. They have high oxygen and temperature index, which helps in restricting the spread of wire even at high temperatures.

Fire Retardant Low Smoke (FRLS) : Apart from having high oxygen and temperature index, our FRLS wires also have low smoke emitting and toxic fumes suppressing properties which not only retards the spread of fire, also helps in easy evacuation and resue operation in case of fire. It is thus ideal for use in places of high human density.

Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR) : Besides other fire retarding properties, HFFR wires have properties to emit smoke free, non-toxic, non-corresive gases in case of fire. They are ideal for use in public places where risk of human lives and property are of prime concern.